Welcome to the Holy Family Swimming Eagles


Swimming Team

Our swim team is designed for boys and girls in grades K through 12 who are looking to swim competitively. Practices are split into two sessions, with those age 10 and younger swimming in the first session and those age 11 and older swimming in the second session. Swimmers are then grouped by age. This is subject to change based on the final registrations.

Tryouts are in mid-late November with the season starting in December (practice sessions will be posted to the Holy Family Website) and we compete in 8 meets starting in January (Schedule to be posted in mid-December). The season culminates in a Championship Meet held in late March or early April. The team will swim against teams from other Catholic parishes in Nassau and Suffolk County.

The program is open to all. You do not need to belong to a Catholic Parish to participate. However, you must live within the Holy Family boundary. For those who live outside of Hicksville and who do not have a CYO Swim Program in their town, please contact us for more information.

Peter Gentilini Jr Earns Three Golds and Breaks Two Records at CYO Championships

12 year old Peter Gentilini Jr turned in an undefeated season this past season, capping off the year with a CYO Record breaking performance as he took home the gold medal in the Boys 12U 50 yd. Butterfly. Peter also swam the Butterfly leg in the Boys 12U 100yd Medley Relay, helping his teammates to an undefeated season and a gold medal at the CYO Championship meet. To finish out the Championship, Peter swam the anchor leg of the Boys 12U 100yd Freestyle Relay and helped his teammates earn a record breaking gold medal. In all, Peter swam in 27 events for Holy Family this year, and earned first place in 26!
Peter earned himself the Holy Family Swim Team 2019 Eagle Award for Exceptional Performance. He joins 2006 and 2008 winner Kyle Carroll, 2009 winner Erin Hardiman, 2010 winner Eamonn McNicholas, 2011 winner Jessica Giuliani, 2012 winner Kaylin Anest, 2013 winners Justen Lopez and Alex Donlon, 2014 winner Elizabeth Bailey, 2015 winner Ethan Dong, 2016 winner Zachari Zegadlo, 2017 winner Steven Giresi and 2018 winner Michaela Fucci as recipients of this prestigious award.

Peter and Amy Gentilini Honored with Nancy Donlon Memorial Award

On Thursday May 23, 2019, Peter and Amy were honored as the recipients of the Nancy Donlon Memorial Award. Nancy was one of Holy Family’s swim coaches who passed suddenly on September 17, 2010.
For the past 6 years, Peter and Amy have been assisting the team as coaches and scorekeepers. Always available to assist during practices, tryouts and in-house meets, Peter and Amy have become mainstays at the scorer’s table. They are among the first to arrive and always the last to leave, as they meticulously record our swimmers times and places, maintain a running score for the meet, and transcribe the results onto the ribbons for our swimmers.
Coach Nancy always believed that winning was good, but secondary to the joy and pride the swimmers experienced as they improved with each passing week. Peter’s and Amy’s unsung dedication to ensuring our swimmers receive the recognition they earned and deserve helped our swimmers understand and achieve this goal. We are all proud of Peter and Amy, and honored to have them as an integral part of our Family.

A Swimmer's Prayer

Dear God, another swimming meet
Is scheduled for today
I'm going to be quite busy
So I won't have long to pray

Bless my Mom, Dad, and Coach
And keep us close to you
Let the friends I make today
Be loyal, good, and true

Please help me not forget you God
Each time I take the blocks
I sometimes get distracted by
The noise and all the clocks

Let my starts and turns be quick
My arms and legs be sure
And help my strokes be smooth and strong
To help me to endure

Help me find the confidence
I've struggled for so much
So I can find the shortest way
From start to final touch

And when the droll computer
Writes my times across its face
Please let me not think win or lose
But how I swam the race


2019-20 Practice Schedule

Practice: SUNY Old Westbury – Clark Athletic Center

Session 1: All swimmers age 10 or younger as of 12/31/2019.

Session 2: all swimmers age 11 or older as of 12/31/2019.
November – TRYOUTS
Due to limited pool availability, tryouts are one night only
Thursday 11/21: 6:00pm-7:00pm

December (2 nights)

Monday 12/2: 08U and 10U divisions only: 6:00pm- 7:00pm
Tuesday 12/10: 12U, 14U and 18U divisions only: 6:00pm- 7:00pm
All remaining practices:
Session1: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Session2: 7:30pm – 8:30pm

December (2 nights)

Monday 12/16; Thursday 12/19

January (5 nights)

Thursday 1/02; Monday 1/06; Tuesday 1/14; Tuesday 1/28; Thursday 1/30


Monday 2/03: In House Meet – Session 1 Swimmers Only – 6:30-8:30 – Old Westbury Pool

Tuesday 2/25: In House Meet – Session 2 Swimmers Only – 6:30-8:30 – Old Westbury Pool

Thursday 2/27 - regular practice


Monday 3/02: regular practice
Thursday 3/5: regular practice
Tuesday 3/10: In House Meet – Session 1 Swimmers Only – 6:30-8:30 – Old Westbury Pool
Thursday 3/12: regular practice
Monday 3/16: regular practice
Thursday 3/19: In House Meet – Session 2 Swimmers Only – 6:30-8:30 – Old Westbury Pool
Required for those selected to Championship Roster
Tuesday 3/24
Thursday 3/26
Thursday April 2 "C" Division CYO Swim Championship - Nassau County Aquatic Center.

Swimming Records

Click here to see CYO Swimming records.

Holy Family CYO – Swim Club
Welcome to the Holy Family Swimming Eagles
Below are some points of information I thought would be important for you all to have regarding communication, contact information, practices, the website, swim suits, meets and the championships. 
Every attempt will be made to keep all of you informed as to scheduling changes and any other pertinent information.
Contact Information e-mail
  • coachcarroll@verizon.net (home)
Swim Suits
Per league rule, swim suits must be team suits. This year’s or previous year’s TEAM SUITS are allowed to be worn at league meets as long as the suit is a “Team Suit” representing your parish.
If your swimmer uses a swim cap, team swim caps are also required for all league meets.
CYO of Nassau Suffolk County Dual Meet Competition
Rules and Modifications
1. Division Classification - all participants are classified with maximum age limitations.
a. If a participant exceeds the maximum age as of December 1st of the program year, (year is determined by registration date) they must move to the next higher division.
b. The divisions are
i. 8 and under
ii. 10 and under
iii. 12 and under
iv. 14 and under
v. 18 and under (high school student only)
2. An individual may move up in a division (one age group) then back to his/her classification during a meet. Relays are to be followed by Composition of Relays allowing to swim up one division (one age group).
3. If there is an ineligible swimmer, regardless of when reported, the event shall be forfeited or disqualified.
4. If a swimmer swims more than the allowed amount of races they shall be disqualified from their last events.
5. League competition shall consist of a schedule of dual meets.
6. The number of teams registered shall determine the number of leagues.
7. The final win/loss record of scheduled league meets shall determine the league winner.
8. Parish awards will be given to each League Winner.
9. Scoring - individuals and teams must complete an event in order to score points.               Points will be awarded as follows:
        a. Individual/Relay
        b. First Place 5 points/6 points
        c. Second Place 3 points/3 point
        d. Third Place 1 point/1 points
        e. In the event of a tie, points for all places involved shall be divided equally among              the tying contestants.
10. Parish entries
      a. 6 lane pool
i. 3 in each individual event, only 2 score
ii. 3 in each relay event, only 1 scores
      b. 5 lane pool 2 in each individual event
i. 2 in each relay event, only 1 scores
11. The current NFSHSA Swimming Rules for Interscholastic Competition as modified by CYO shall be followed.
12. No one (individual or team) should enter or use any of the facilities (lockers, pools) until approved by the host parish.
13. Contestants may swim in only three events.
14. Added note – swim suits must be team suits.
     a. NO outside team suits or they will be disqualified.
     b. Follow rules on bathing caps.
     c. NO JEWERLY.
Holy Family Swim Club Dual Meet Competition
In order to compete
1. Swimmers age 10 & under must be able to complete one (1) length of the swimming pool, or 25 yards, without grabbing on to the lane ropes, walls or touching the bottom of the pool.
2. Swimmers age 11 and over must be able to complete two (2) lengths of the pool – or 50 yards, in the same manner.
3. All swimmers must be comfortable enough to dive into the water from the starting block, as opposed to the side of the pool.
During the Dual Meet
1. All swimmers must be on the pool deck ½ hour prior to the posted starting time of the meet.
2. All swimmers are expected to remain on the pool deck with their teammates throughout the competition. I ask that they not be in the stands in case we need them for a last minute substitution.
3. While each pool has some of its own unique rules, in general
a. No food or drink is permitted on the pool deck
b. No phones may be used on the deck during meets. This is a distraction and will cause swimmers to miss their events
c. No toys, decks of cards, books, etc. onto the pool deck during competition. This time should be devoted to cheering on their teammates and watching the more experienced swimmers.
d. Only swimmers, coaches and scheduled volunteers are permitted on the pool deck.
4. All swimmers are expected to remain on the pool deck until the conclusion of the final race. Unless you have made prior arrangements and there are extenuating circumstances, this is an important request. It is my hope that all of the swimmers will embrace the idea of teamwork and teammates and cheer each other on. The younger swimmers benefit from the cheers of close to 100 teammates and their fans, I would like the older swimmers to experience the same.
5. At the conclusion of each meet, we will all participate in a team cheer for the opposing team (another reason it is important to remain together as a team).
1. Every effort will be made to include your swimmer in 2-3 events for every meet. However, this is dependent on other swimmers. As an example, if your swimmer is scheduled to swim in 2 relays, and other swimmers from that relay do not show up, we may not have other swimmers to fill in the vacant spot. The other option would to have swimmers “pending”. For this reason, it is imperative that you inform the coaching staff as soon as possible if your swimmer is unable to make a meet.
2. While CYO Swimming is a competitive sport at the team and individual level, my primary consideration will be to ensure the swimmers improve and most importantly, enjoy themselves.
3. We will therefore have 2 in house meets (t/b/d) so that all swimmers will have the chance to compete and earn ribbons. Ribbons will be earned for all places -1 through 6.
Holy Family Swim Club – Championship Meet Competition
1. Rosters are limited for the championship meets.
2. While the championships are geared for team competition, this is an opportunity for our most experienced swimmers to excel.
3. Placement in the championships will be dependent on a variety of factors, including but not limited to…
a. Individual and relay results from the dual meets
b. Attendance at practice once the meets begin
c. Attendance at dual meet competitions (as stipulated by CYO of Long Island).
4. Even if your swimmer is not competing in the championship, I invite you to come down with them and your families (the swimmers are welcome to join us on the pool deck) to cheer on your teammates. We may also need them as alternates in the event of sickness, injury or last minute cancellation.
Fair Play
I welcome any and all comments now and throughout the season. As a CYO sport, our primary focus is on the children. We want them to not only succeed and improve, but to enjoy themselves. If you have any concerns with regards to anything regarding your swimmer during practices, at meets, etc., please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention. As members of both CYO and the Town of Oyster Bay, we also abide by the Fair Play Agreement. So if you have any, please feel free to contact me or our Board via the website at www.holyfamilycyo.org.
One final note
Swim meets can seem long and drawn out, but when the competition is close; there is nothing in sports more exciting. You have all seen football games that are won with a final minute drive or a baseball game won with a walk off home run. Just imagine the thrill of watching a 2 minute relay race that wins or loses a championship in the final .001 seconds of the meet. – And nothing is louder.
Losing is not coming in second. It's getting out of the water knowing you did your best and will try to do better. If you can remember that, you will have won every race you’ve ever I've been in.
Looking forward to a great season
Coach Carroll (Kevin)

2017 CYO Championship